You Know Your Mental Illness Has Become Part of You When…

  • You liked The Soloist and A Beautiful Mind wayy more than your friends did
  • You are blasé about taking your meds in public (like in class, or in a line at Starbucks)
  • You join your college’s chapter of Active Minds (though you had no interest in it/didn’t know what it was, before)
  • You get genuinely upset when hearing stigma/discrimination stories (like someone’s significant other/potential partner leaving him/her after learning about his/her mental disorder)
  • (This one’s for religious people) You try to look for acknowledgment/acceptance of mental illness in your religion ( 😂 don’t ask…)
  • You found out about an amazing magazine (art, essays, poetry) about mental health, and your whole day got brighter (Doll Hospital Journal, anyone?)
  • You regularly find yourself in the fish oil supplements section of the pharmacy (though taking those supplements would have never crossed your mind, otherwise)
  • Your favorite artist somehow becomes van Gogh (or another artist who suffered from mental illness)
  • your Facebook, Twitter, or blog account is filled with mental health-related stuff (facts, pics, video clips, etc.)…
  • you don’t necessarily want your mental illness to go away…but you just want the painful aspects to go away


Thank you for reading! hehe

-Ethar Hamid

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