I try to find a good place through my writing and art –a place where loneliness, confusion, scarring, and other negativities don’t exist. It’s often hard for me to find this place in the “real world,” so I look for it in words and drawings.
I’m also journeying to a perfect place (this time, it’s outside of my own head-a solid, visible place)–it’s the Islamic perception of heaven (Jannah). https://jannahandme.wordpress.com/ It’s a thorny road! Hopefully, I get there. ❤️
This is the blog where I share my attempts at creative work.
I am an aspiring writer and artist living with schizoaffective disorder, and anxiety (as per my current diagnoses). My mental illnesses inspire my work to a large extent.
I’m Sudanese, and was born in Khartoum.
Contact Info:
© Ethar Hamid
All writing and images on this site are my own unless noted otherwise.
If you want to use any of my work from this blog (for some weird reason – all of the work here is pretty sub-par, I have to say) – please drop me an email.💜
Similarly, the images on this blog are not free of rights. If you want to use them, please contact me.💜💜
Thank you for stopping by💕💕🙌🏿, ur awesome possum, I love you
here is a playlist of sweet, soothing songs;
here are some chapters of the Qur’an that I admire:
here are some books I like, which have all helped me in some way:
#happiness #hope #healing

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