visual art compilation (all of the artwork i have ever done)

all of the artwork I have ever attempted in my life is compiled, below ⤵️

**note: please click on each of these images, below – it will open in a new window, where you can then enlarge it once, or twice. This will fix any blurriness you see. Thank you! 🌸🍉


-the girl sits on top of a mountain, looking at the sunrise. the scene reminds her of Surat al-Shams. (link to the sura: ).  -drawing created on Friday, June 8, 2018. **thank you for viewing💞❤️** -e.h.
~description of drawing: the girl is sitting on a swing in the middle of the night…thinking to herself “lights will guide you home”. ((these words are actually taken from the song “Fix You,” by Coldplay…a rly sweet song😢. “Fix You,” + lyrics: fix you. )) ~drawing created today: on Jan. 31, 2018. *Today is Ahed Tamimi’s 17th birthday. Ahed Tamimi is a prisoner in Israeli jail…she recently (I believe a few weeks ago) got arrested simply for expressing her anger at an Israeli officer, for shooting her younger cousin. ((#Israeli soldiers are inhumane and inhuman.)) If you’re reading this, ***please sign the petition to free Ahed from jail…as well as all child prisoners, and political prisoners (from Israeli prison). -Here is the link to do so: ~you can search the hashtag # Free Ahed Tamimi , that has been going around social media… ~**no conscientious objector to Israeli brutality should have to go to jail!! 😡😠 -may Allah help Ahed and the Tamimi family, ya rab (~oh God, please do~). ~Happy birthday to the epitome of bravery…😢😢
-this piece was thought of, started, and finished today: wed., Jan. 24, 2018 (my 24th birthday..??? #things work out/turn out so funny, sometimes..! 😶 -Anyway: *i like how the “eh” part of the drawing can serve as a double-meaning: One being; “ehwho I am is not that great, anyway…” , and (also) “eh” as in my initials…(ethar hamid). ((I actually noticed that double effect only after I drew my initials in. ! #Crazy stuff, here on my blog. 😂😅)) #anyways: -thank u for viewing this piece… #art #Don’tKnowIfThisIsArt. #i wish I were an artist.. .
~June 25, 2017~  description of drawing: I really like Sen. Bernie Sanders’ emphasis on ‘the people’. E.g., working class people, poor people, young people, minorities, etc. That’s why I tried to include several aspects of the idea of ‘the people,’ in this drawing. E.g.: the sign hanging on the wall says “We the People Will Rise” (a proclamation of unity, and determination against difficult odds). Also: the three figures (who are listening to Sen. Sanders’ speech) are holding a banner that says: ‘Bernie Sanders–You are marching band, you are The People…You are a helping hand-you are a hero’. So again, the idea of the people–the marginalized and mistreated majority of us–is present in the drawing (hopefully).    *The words on the banner that the people in the audience are holding (“You are a marching band…”) are actually lyrics from the song “The World’s Greatest,” by R. Kelly. (The song is dedicated to the late boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.) The original lyrics of the song are ” I* am a marching band–I* am the people… I am a helping hand, I am a hero”. I just switched the ‘I’ pronoun to “You’, in order to address Sen. Sanders. I.e., I borrowed the words from the song and included them in my drawing. Both Muhammad Ali and Sen. Sanders are awesome people, so the song “World’s Greatest” is highly applicable to both of them. (The World’s Greatest song, + lyrics)


~May 31, 2017~
description: turtle drinking tea + reading a book–a book that talks about how ‘slow and steady wins the race’. -As a turtle, this little guy had to go through his whole life being made fun of, because he’s slow(er than other animals). but now (in the picture), “it’s been scientifically proven that ‘slow and steady wins the race”. -upon reading this, the turtle is both happy (at finding out the truth), and (even more) annoyed at his haters,..for putting him down, his whole life.
#EverybodyGoesAtTheirOwnPace #LifeIsAJourneyNotASprint #HatersGonnaHate, anyways! -it’s best to just be happy, and not pay them any attention/mind. #EverythingOurMamasToldUsTurnedOutTrue, i.e.: don’t let people get you down! -and in the words of Abeleen (from “The Help”): “you is kind, you is smart, you is important!” people are…well…haters, for lack of a better word! They try to break u down. little do they know that u are much stronger than them! #goodness always prevails against meanness and cruelty.
-ethar h


this is somewhat of a rough draft. (description; the girl is lying down on her couch, reading a book about ‘how to be zen,’ and present/at peace.) I might switch up/adjust a few things in the process of completing this drawing (like; her hair, and her expression…). hopefully it turns out ok. Rough draft done on October 15, 2016. ~thank you for viewing!!! 💜, ethar hamid.
Second draft… 🙂 (November 25, 2016)
~ pro-life ~ anti-abortion ~ pro life women ~ pro life millennials ~ human life ~ life is all we have ~ if it is only a clump of cells, would you be ok with it if your mother had aborted you? ~ it is not just a clump of cells, actually ~ it is a human life, albeit in an early stage 😓 ***I took the quote that is written on the t-shirt (“I Am the Pro-Life Generation”) from .   -and, this drawing was created on April 3rd, 2017
~this thing is like a freestyle , abstract-y thing that I created a few months ago (I think it was December, ’16). I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be, or even mean. (Like: with the weird words and flowers, etc. (and spikes), and stuff. 😛 But: we all know that not all creations are logical, in any way. So: this little piece will have to either inspire its own meaning to whoever sees it, or be meaningless. (*not meaningless in a bad way, though. Just simply, like, ‘without objective meaning’). There are a lot of things in this earth that don’t have obvious or even any discernible meaning, to them. But does that mean that they are not of value? Like: I personally don’t make any sense as a person, I’m pretty sure. Does anybody** make complete and perfect sense? Yet: each and every person is a *masterpiece**. beautiful, wonderful, …all those good things. 🕊🌸💙 -ty for viewing!! -Ethar Hamid


– September 2, 2016
~this is an updated version of a drawing I began on Feb. 26, 2017. The update was done today, March 28, 2017. ~ #StillAWorkInProgress … Ty so much for viewing ! 💜🌸
another update done on September 9, 2017. #workinprogress . Ty for viewing🌸🌸
~another update, done on October 29, 2017 ~ **i took the words in the thought bubble from the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” by poet T.S. Eliot.**                                              -I feel that this phrase/excerpt from the poem is really relatable to everyone; everyone has difficulty expressing themselves, sometimes. (The girl in the drawing definitely can relate to that, as well: she is actually crying out of frustration and sadness at not being able to articulate/express what she means. (She is talking to someone who is not visible, in the drawing.)                                           **last thing: I have a hunch that this feeling (of not being able to articulate what you mean) is often more exaggerated in people with mental illnesses… Because: a lot of mental illnesses often cause cognitive difficulties in the sufferers, like difficulty in organizing thoughts…racing thoughts…and concentration issues. -I can personally completely attest to that: my schizoaffective disorder certainly hinders a lot of my cognition, I am pretty certain. 😣 But, at the same time, there is a kind of humor and lightness in all this as well, I think. Because: it’s like our thoughts are in limbo, kind of floating above us, but just not intelligible to anyone in the vicinity. It’s pathetic, but there’s some humor in there, as well. (Like: the person who you’re talking to in the conversation doesn’t know about your problem, when it comes to talking/articulating.  -the whole scenario a bit funny, in that way. (Sad and pathetic, but funny.) 🤕-well ty so much for viewing this piece! I think I am almost done with it–just some more finishing touches, hopefully. Ty, 💜💜🦋-ethar
young girl. (this drawing is only a first draft. this was created on April 3, 2017. ~thanks so much~ for viewing💚💜)
– August 24, 2016
i remember my mom braiding my hair before the bus came to pick me up, for school (back in elementary:) i miss those days 😦 … 22 now, and the world seems so cold and cruel. 😦 (it was so rainbow-and-unicorny, back then.) ~also; here’s to all the little girls (black little girls) that wear their natural hair to school! i remember people used to make fun of my hair, actually. (used to call it ‘excessively poofy and frizzy and bushy,’ and all the rest.) these days, i heard there was a story in the media about a young girl getting in trouble (even suspended, I think?!) for wearing her natural hair to school (unbraided, no pony-tail or pig-tail…just “down,” as we say.) But, hold on! if all the other girls get to wear their* hair down, why couldn’t she? if u ask me, that was just another case of natural black features being intolerated. (along with dark skin, big lips, wide noses, etc…which are so often disparaged in the media.) 😦 ~but, black girls with thick/course/coily hair should be encouraged to do their thing and rock their natural hair. (they are beautiful, by the way! there is something about black little girls that is beautiful and magical…don’t u think? 🙂 ~ thank you for viewing, ethar h.


~ in the course of life, you will forget the dream…though it is the point of your existence ~ (drawing created on July 18, 2016)
Bernie sanders drawing...
this drawing conveys that Sen. Bernie Sanders stood with marginalized people (during the ’15-’16 presidential race). In reality, he encouraged them to take part in the political process and make their voices heard, despite (or rather–because of) their marginalized status in their communities/society. the drawing depicts Sen. Sanders with supporters of his about to meet the corporate media, politicians who are part of the (powerful and stubborn) establishment, and corporate America (e.g., Wall Street people). the Senator is reassuring his supporters with; “Don’t worry, guys–we got this.” In the drawing, the Bernie Sanders supporters are each part of a marginalized/ignored/mistreated/disenfranchised group of people, in American society. — True unity, a common vision/dream, and love between a politician and his supporters is a rare and beautiful thing. That’s (part of) what makes the Sanders movement/revolution/cause so special.🙂 A quote (from that I think really reflects the Sanders movement (I think Sen. Sanders has said a version of this quote, many times. The quote actually sounds *just* like him.): “There’s no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively – I am one with the people.” (Huey P. Newton). -Here’s to standing with those who need justice, care, love, help. ~Good job, Sen. Bernie Sanders! Your legacy will be something beautiful…🙂🙂 (-ethar hamid)
Description of piece: This drawing is conveying that police shootings are often influenced by (the police officers’) subconscious prejudice–that the shootings are largely due to the prejudices that certain officers might have towards people of color (as opposed to unbiased shootings, if you will–shootings that are not influenced by the color/race/appearance of the victims). The drawing is an exaggeration of that reality (expressing that such important institutions as the media, government, and schools assert that police shootings are “color-blind”–a “blessed miracle”)…but it is this exaggeration that (I hope) makes the viewer think about how elements of our society at times deny that police shootings can be influenced by prejudice and racism (which they certainly can be, no matter how subconscious those forces are, in those law enforcement officials). The drawing also depicts a man (a man of color, to be exact) thinking, in response to the media, government, and school conveyance; “but…” (As in: but, that doesn’t seem to be right/that seems untrue.” Again, the entire drawing (both aspects) is caricature-like, exaggerating the saying of societal institutions in regards to police shootings (and subduing many people’s reactions to it); but they ultimately reflect the situation in our world/country, today (I think..). The piece depicts the world’s view on police shootings (e.g., governments’ views, media views, and schools’ views) vs. people’s views–“regular people” who don’t have any hidden agendas–who don’t have any motive to propagate a message of how just and fair our society is.


justice for palestine
In this drawing, the girl has a tattoo that says “Justice for Palestine.” (or, it could be henna, or ink (from a pen), or something, if tattoos aren’t your thing…. (hehe). Although; i think a tattoo is way more staunch in support of Palestine. 🙂 ~ I tried to depict the girl as non-Palestinian–I hope people see her as that (**though there are of course Palestinians with dark skin**). I wanted the girl to be seen as non-Palestinian because I wanted to stress that supporting the Palestinian cause (like freedom from oppression for Palestinians) is not** confined to Palestinians (of course)…Rather, it is a human and humane inclination. Just like supporting the rights of the southern Sudanese (who experience oppression by northerners in many ways) is a human problem-not a southern Sudanese one. And like how supporting the human rights of African Americans (who are a target of such evils as prejudice and discrimination, police brutality, and other forms of racism/oppression) should be a stance of every single person in the world. #one human family #if one limb is hurting, the entire body aches (Islamic hadith) #end to oppression of Palestinians thank you for viewing, -ethar hamid

Mental Health Pieces:


-this piece was completed in 2015 -each phrase begins with a letter that helps spell the word “schizophrenia,” when read from top to bottom. -this piece was done with oil paint and pencil. -this was kindly included in issue 3 of Doll Hospital Journal: “People with schizophrenia are…” *thank you so much for viewing this! 💜💜💜🔆  – ethar hamid
~everyone has certain things for helping them get through their day… life is hard, people are mean, the world presses down on u 😢. So: #self-care #spirituality #helping hands (fam/friends/therapist/etc.), #therapuetic measures. -it’s a must!! -“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audrey Lorde. 👏🏾. Self care is political warfare ✊🏾! ***pls take good care..*** ~ty so much for viewing this 💕💕🔆. -ethar h. (And, lastly: this ~updated~ drawing was created on Jan. 24, 2018.)
~this is another version of the drawing above. I actually created this version, first..I created this in yr. 2015… anyway: ty for viewing this 💕💕. -ethar
today is going to be a great day
explanation of drawing: -though her to-do list (hanging on her wall) is filled with sad to-dos, she takes a bunch of psychiatric meds, and on top of that it’s yucky weather, outside, she is still hopeful and optimistic. {may we all be like this! there is always something to be happy and grateful for…) Thank you for viewing! ❤
pill box final version
description: a hand holding a medicine/pill ~ the psychiatric meds box has compartments for morning and evening meds, “just-in-case anti-anxiety meds,” and also vitamins. It depicts the words “I am strong” on the compartment outer folds (plus a heart, on the last compartment).


schizophrenia shirt final

I created this drawing during the summer, when I was 17 y/o. It was before I was receiving good treatment for my mental health condition, so I was actually suffering from delusions/psychotic symptoms, at the time of drawing this picture. This will forever be, to me, “that” picture–meaning the picture I drew when I was really sick. 😦 *****I hope anyone going through mental health problems can remember (or; find out) that things always get better, **regardless** of how bad they are, now. the severity of the situation, now doesn’t mean that in the future, life won’t be happy, for you (or for me). ☔🌈 😊 (after rain, comes a rainbow).

anxiety sketch

  • Islamic-Themed Pieces ~
dead flowers
This drawing draws its inspiration from the Islamic belief of Allah’s eternal existence. Specifically, the belief that He never dies–He is All-Living (which goes hand-in-hand with the belief that He had no beginning). The drawing depicts dead flowers, and around some of the flowers are the Qur’anic/Islamic verses (written in Arabic); “rely upon the Living, Who never dies” (written right-hand side), and “Everything on the earth will perish, and there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor” (on the left-hand side). (While the flowers died, and while you and I will die, Allah s.w.t. never dies…). (the latter quote is from the Qur’an, 55:26-27).


prostrating flower
for an explanation of this drawing, please visit;
as salaam
This Arabic word (of which the transliteration to English would be “as-Salaam”) means “peace.” In Islamic culture, the word “as-Salaam” can refer to Allah s.w.t., as He is believed to be the Source of Peace..This latter definition is the one I had in mind, in creating this picture.

Earlier Versions of This Painting-

as salaam previous version

as salam uncolored version



Misc. Pieces ~

dream mug
description: a mug with a quote written on it, a muffin, a spoon comments: this is one of my favorite quotes. I forgot who authored it, which frustrates me… :/ My therapist told me this quote while we were having a conversation about my shyness (I was 14 back then, I think…). unnecessary comments: this would be my dream mug. I would use it for all of my liquid consumption (water, soup, juice…). Hehe. ~thank you for viewing ❤️
book mark
This is a bookmark that I actually made:) it is a (regular) notecard, which I painted and wrote on:) thank you for viewing ❤️


angel's wings
angel’s wings. in oil paint, colored pencil, and (black) ink
angel's wings with background
angel’s wings against night sky. in oil paint, colored pencil, and black ink.




a few photos I managed to take ~





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