volunteer artwork

The following are drawings and designs that I created for nonprofits.

Many nonprofits use and feature visual material. For example: illustrations to feature on flyers and posters.

I’d be happy to help your nonprofit with: – flyers and posters (to help advertise for events, and etc.). I can do both illustrative work for flyers and posters, and also entire flyers and posters. For example: a completed flyer, with text, illustration, border, a color pallete (e.g., beige and blue…), and etc.

– leaflets, to help inform about the nonprofit. (i.e., to let the public know about the nonprofit–its mission, how it works towards it, and etc.)

– Facebook and Twitter cover pics, and other social media images (to help create a striking/bright visual identity),

– original art to feature in: email blasts and website content. (For example: an image to feature on the “about page” of the nonprofit’s website, or an illustration to go along with/further explain an article on the website, and etc.)

– other original art/design that will help your nonprofit

**If your nonprofit organization needs such visual work done, please contact me, at: ethar1994@gmail.com I would love to work together! 🙂 🌼

-Ms. Ethar Hamid

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-this is a flyer I created for the Charlottesville Area Green Party, a local chapter of the Green Party in Charlottesville, Virginia. check out the CAGP, through this link
– a poster I created for the Charlottesville Area Green Party. completed April 4, 2018.
this is the Facebook cover photo that I designed for The Learning Exchange, a literacy and life-skills nonprofit org. in Quebec, Canada. This design was featured on the nonprofit’s Facebook page, to help advertise for their Family Literacy Day event. I completed this design in January, 2018. https://www.facebook.com/TheLearningExchange1/


this is the original illustration I completed for The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, for use in a flyer. (For incorporation into a flyer, for use by The Rachel Corrie Foundation). *thank you for viewing this. -illustration completed September 8, 2017. –ethar hamid
this is the original illustration I created for the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice (specifically, for their Save the Date flyer and Invitation card, for a fundraising event they are planning)


This is the invitation card that was used by the Rachel Corrie Foundation. (**Note: I only provided the illustration-the three figures. I didn’t design/provide the design of the document, holistically).


This is a flyer that I designed for the International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People + #GivingTuesday, for use by the Rachel Corrie Foundation. We didn’t end up using this flyer, but I think that this is still a good example of my work.
This is the flyer that was used. 🙂 I completed this in Nov., 2016